Oscars!! Red Carpet Fashion Reviews: Part 2 Michaela Jedinak, UK Stylist and Fashion Pro

The OSCARS Red Carpet Style Review is finally here with PART 2 of the Oscar fashions as seen on the red carept and Michaela Jedinak’s commentary on the fashion winners — and losers- for that night!
(She covered the Independent Spirit Awards, Grammys, t SAG Awards red carpet reviews and the Gucci/Madonna Party at NYFW!) . Check out her site: www.joyofcolour.com
Celebrities Hitting the Review today: Daniel Day Lewis, Diablo Cody, Diane Lane, Josh Brolin, Ellen Page Faye Dunaway
Daniel Day Lewis
Colour: The red lining around his lapel is a good accent colour for him and it gives it a bit of an interesting twist to look different.
Shape: The shape of his jacket works well on his body and height. The lining is a nice detail to add volume and as well to break his long body visually. His trouser leg should have been wider so they would have balanced the top.
Style: Well, we Brits love to dress with an edge and twist- but everything has its time, but also we should then go all the way. Though the red lining is a good choice for his style personality I am not a fan of his shoes. The material and the colour are not matching his outfit but also are far too casual a choice for this event and outfit. As it goes with his hair style and earring…well he is a creative and as long it is picked up in his clothing it is ok as long it is well executed and you have a groomed look.
Overall Rating: 4**** Four Stars
Diablo Cody
Colour: The leopard colour pattern is ok- it would have been much better in a deeper look. Or if she would have added more dark brown or black to this outfit. It is a bit too light for her deeper colouring.
Shape: It actually is not to bad for her bodyshape. She keeps very rightly a strong feature around her décolleté line, which gives her a nice shoulder line and structure in the dress, so that the dress falls of her shoulders and sits playfully around her curves. But again the hemline is far too long for her in front, which is not only bad fitting but also not flattering since it is adding unnecessary volume to the dress.
Style: She does look like “Fred Flintstone’s” sister with this look and outfit- she is just missing the cudgel and the look would have been completed. What was she thinking? Going out in such dress and exposing her tattoo so in the open at this event is sooo tacky. Especially since it is so cheap looking in image and colouring. It would have been a different case if it would have been done artfully and with meaning such as Angelina Jolie’one. So, my advice if you can’t get rid of it cover it up. I like her red lipstick which is great for her look and dark hair, but her bangles, rings, dark nail varnish and clutchbag don’t do anything for this outfit. There is too much going on in her look- her strong hair cut- décolleté line- pattern in the dress- tattoo – too long dress – and all the accessories….another show case for less is more.

Overall Rating: 2**
Two Stars

Diane Lane & Josh Brolin
Colour: Fantastic colour for Diane and Josh works the black and white beautifully.
Shape: The asymmetric style works beautifully on her and gives her a beautiful shoulder without competing with her bosom. But I am not sure if the hip detail sits at the right place? It should be sitting higher up, which would explain why the dress stretches and creases over her thighs in the wrong way and why as well the hemline in that dress is too long for her height. Not paying attention to the right fit is one of the most important and deciding factors whether you get the thumb up or down. Josh’s outfit is spot on – very well tailored for his broad shoulders, has the right details around waist to flatter his body shape and his leg line is correctly fitted.
Style: Diane’s hairstyle works for the dress, occasion and style, but the clutchbag is a bit of a killer to this outfit, because it bears the tedium aspect to it. Her earrings are sweet on her but with such an outfit you go for it or leave, but don’t do something inbetween. The only let down in Josh’s outward appearance are his shoes- they lack shine and gloss, so they would have picked up on the glossy piece in his lapel. They look a bit knackered.
Overall Rating: Diane 4****( Because of the colour) Four Stars
Josh: 5***** Five Stars
Ellen Page
Colour: Ok- but not in this dress and outfit! It seems she only can do black.
Shape: No- and No again! I hate to be rude to someone so young- but honestly she looks shapeless like box from shoulder to toe? Her youthful bosom line, waist and her silhouette totally disappears in this dress. She doesn’t have the bosom to carry of the extra volume in fabric beneath it. Also the extra layer in her lower half just underlines the boxy silhouette and makes leg line even shorter- it is not style she should go for her height.
Style: Honestly -she is dressed in colour, style and shape like matron or like the governess Fraeulein Rottenmeier” from the movie “Heidi” who pays a visit to the Oscars! It is hideous- as well her necklace and clutch bag couldn’t have been a bigger miss! It is so ageing the whole outfit. Did anyone notice that she is young and needs to dress according her age!
Overall Rating: 1* One Star
Faye Dunaway
Colour: The golden metallic is a good choice- and that’s about all the good news she has to come!
Shape: Ahhhhh- A woman at her age with her shape should not wear figure hugging dresses with patterns around her belly, but instead she needs to build in a corsage feature to give her bosom structure and shape. Plus it would also give her the so needed waist and would push everything into its right and lawful place. Instead everything is hanging south, which is also underlined but the fact that her sleeves are too long and her hemline is so long she is standing on it while posing for the photographers- really not a good picture!
Another reason why Faye should avoid wearing pattern around her belly area is that she is fuller there and adding feature is just adding pounds. The rule is you want to go easy on parts which are not less flattering and highlight instead the ones which are your better ones.
Style: The clutch bag, necklace with this red lipstick just don’t go with it but instead are competing with each other in the picture. The look reminds you of the 80’s and all in all it looks just out of date, tired and shapeless.

Overall Rating: 1*
One Star
Michaela Jedinak is the founder of JOY OF COLOUR, The Colour and Style Consultancy. She work as a stylist and personal shopper in London and internationally. Michaela offeres one on one consultations and is now providing online and interactive services who live far away or don’t have the time to come in for personal consults. http://www.joyofcolour.com/service_overview.html works with women and men at all age groups.
Check out Michaela’s commentaries here on LA-Story.com– she’s spot on when it comes to the pluses and minuses of an outfit.
Stevie Wilson

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