Burn Notice Gets Hotter With Gabrielle Anwar! Podcast/Interview, Part 1

Burn Notice is sizzling hot and heavy as we left off last week’s episode with things heating up between Michael and Fiona. Here’s a 2-part podcast wtih Gabrielle Anwar who plays Fiona on Burn Notice and it’s really interesting to see how differently she reacts to the questions and the character she plays as well as those people she works with. Her character is one that pushes the envelope quite a bit and so it’s an interesting interview.Part 1 of Gabrielle Anwar podcast/interview

plays the role of Fiona on US Network’s hit series, Burn Notice, This is part one of a Q&A session.
Moderator Our first question comes from the line of Troy Rogers with Deadbolt.com.
T. Rogers Hello, Gabrielle.
G. Anwar Hey.
T. Rogers Happy Birthday.
G. Anwar Thank you very much.
T. Rogers You’re very welcome. I was wondering, what’s the status of Fiona and Michael’s relationship? Will we see them becoming a couple again?
G. Anwar That depends how one would define a couple. Are you talking in the Bill Clinton instance?
T. Rogers Yes, like a traditional relationship, like boyfriend/girlfriend.
G. Anwar I don’t think either of them has a traditional bone in their body, so I think perhaps not in that respect.
T. Rogers Alright. Fair enough. I also love the on-screen chemistry with Fiona and Sam. I was wondering, what’s the best part of doing scenes with Bruce Campbell?
G. Anwar The hysterical laughter that it is inevitable. I think I may have cracked plenty of neatly executed make-up applications on my cheeks from the kind of laughter that goes alongside with working with Bruce.
T. Rogers Cool. I have one more quick thing, and I’ll let somebody else jump in. Now the show features some pretty strong female roles and now that Carla’s in the fold how does that change Fiona for you?
G. Anwar I think that Fiona is as threatened as Fiona can get. I don’t think it’s about necessarily how attractive physically a woman is. I think it’s how much a monopoly she might have on Michael Westen’s mind and livelihood and thinking. So I think she is perhaps threatened by Carla more so than anybody else she would be threatened by.
T. Rogers Fair enough.
G. Anwar I mean there’s plenty of hot chicks down there let’s face it.
T. Rogers That’s true. Thanks. I’ll come back.
Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Blaine Kyllo from Cinema Spy.
B. Kyllo Hello, Gabrielle. Thanks for your time today.
G. Anwar My pleasure.
B. Kyllo We have learned lots about Michael’s life and his past and quite a bit about Sam’s life and Sam’s past. We know very little about Fiona’s past. I’d like you to talk about whether or not Fiona has girlfriends. Does she go for lunch, shopping? What’s her apartment like? Does she have a life outside guns?
G. Anwar Very funny. I don’t think Fiona’s the type of gal who takes lunches with her BFF. I don’t even think she gets her nails done. I think that any attempt at being aesthetically feminine goes to the wayside when handling all these black market weapons. I think that perhaps she doesn’t really settle anywhere. So as far as an apartment is concerned, I’m not sure she has many trinkets other than her snowglobes. She’s not your average woman, let’s face it.
B. Kyllo Well that’s clear.
G. Anwar You think?
B. Kyllo So then are we going to learn more about Fiona’s background beyond the fact that she’s a former IRA agent–well, maybe not even former? Are we going to learn more about Fiona?
G. Anwar I don’t know. I’d like to because of her narcissistic connection…but it’s really not up to me. I have my own secret fantasies of who she is and where she came from and where she’s going. But unfortunately that life hasn’t connected to mine.
B. Kyllo So there’s nothing coming up in the rest of this season that you know of that will cast some light on her background, nothing revealed to you yet?
G. Anwar Not this far, no. Perhaps once we go back in a couple of weeks I’ll have a different story for you. But as of now what you all will be seeing tonight and so on, not so much.
B. Kyllo One quick follow-up then, if Michael and Fiona wouldn’t have a traditional relationship, what would a Michael/Fiona relationship be like?
G. Anwar Dangerous.
B. Kyllo Well said. Thank you.
Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine.
L. Steinberg Hello, Gabrielle. It’s such an honor to speak with you.
G. Anwar That’s very sweet. Thanks.
L. Steinberg I was wondering, what about your role continues to challenge you?
G. Anwar That I still have to speak the American dialect. I think it’s a bit nerve racking now that we’re heading into season three that I’m still going to be in a bikini. I think I’ll probably have to have a hip replacement if we get to season eight. I’m not sure if the bikini’s going to work then.
L. Steinberg What has been your most memorable moment you’ve had since filming the show?
G. Anwar I don’t know if I have just one moment. Every day that I’m working on that show I really feel incredibly blessed to be there. And I’m really not kidding you. I know that’s an awful cliché to hear, but I really mean it. I just have a series of memorable moments that are strung together which makes me very happy, because otherwise I’d just be hoping to relive the lost memorable moment. But I’m actually looking forward to going back to work. It’s something I haven’t often said.
L. Steinberg Speaking of that, you have such great chemistry with both of your leading men. How do you continue to maintain it?
G. Anwar Because I’m a woman.
L. Steinberg Use your feminine charms on them?
G. Anwar I enjoy people, I really do. I enjoy men for a variety of reasons. So I’m fortunate enough to be working with two members of the opposite sex which I think lends itself to an interesting chemistry whether it be sexual or otherwise. There’s always something going on, and I’m fascinated by what’s really not being said more than anything else.
L. Steinberg Wonderful. Thank you again.
G. Anwar You’re welcome.

Video from the Burn Notice series.

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