Burn Notice Sizzles with Gabrielle Anwar's Phone Inteview/Podcast Part 2!!

Burn Notice keeps rocketing up the ratings charts and what better reason than simply to watch Gabrielle Anwar play off Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan. Having seen her character evolve over the 2.5 seasons, she has really come into her own as a woman and a person. She has depth. Her life has meaning. The question is where is it going? What about Michael and Fiona?

If you listened to part 1 of the podcast, part of that was answered. Listen to part 2 with Gabrielle Anwar on cell phone with a group of journalists about their questions about her role and her life!This is the transcript for part 2
Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Joshua Maloni from Niagara Frontier Publications. Please go ahead.
J. Maloni Hello, Gabrielle. Thanks for you time today.

G. Anwar You’re welcome.

J. Maloni With regard to Fiona and Michael, when we talk to a lot of actors and actresses they sometimes are fearful of couples getting together or not getting together, thinking about what ramifications it might have on the length or the life of the series. From your own sort of personal opinion, do you want to see them get together? Do you want to see them stay apart? How do you want to see this relationship play out?
G. Anwar I have to agree. I think there’s a certain amount of tension that is inevitable when a relationship isn’t really predictable. Obviously, Michael and Fiona have consummated their affection for one another. I think that the likelihood of their hooking up in a conventional manner with an engagement or a marriage or something, it’s just not in their cards. I don’t think it would appeal to either of them actually. They’re out of the box.
So I don’t think that would be an issue as far as…just not have any kind of predictability. I find that much more intriguing. When you start taking someone for granted in real life or in make-believe it loses a sense of passion, particularly in my eyes. I can’t see Gabrielle for those both.
J. Maloni Right. This is a character where you have to have a lot of guns, a lot of bombs. You have to be very physical. At the same time, like you said, you’re doing a lot more sort of bikini scenes this season. These are the kinds of things that not every actress would be necessarily comfortable with doing. Talk about the challenges of having to, number one, be in a bikini, number two, have retail of all these guns and bombs, and what are some of the things that you like about the challenges that the role offers you?
G. Anwar I’m very glad that we have a wonderful weapons master who knows what he’s doing with a weapon, because I’m clueless. Without the crew, I would look absolutely ridiculous, which is basically the way I look when the camera’s not rolling. I’m really enjoying the fantasy of it because, obviously, it’s not really a role that I’ve been offered in the past. So I’m really relishing the fact that I think I’m tough. It’s challenging to really make it look like I know what I’m doing.
Jeffrey’s actually pretty good with self-defense, and he’s quite technically minded. He’s very logically minded mostly because he’s male and I am sort of a mishmash between being super feminine and being super feminist. I’m enjoying that aspect of my character in both Fiona and in myself.
J. Maloni Great. Thank you.
G. Anwar You’re welcome.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question comes from the line of Tom Parsons with Blogcritics.com. Please go ahead.
T. Parsons Thanks, Gabrielle. Thanks for taking our call.
G. Anwar Pleasure.
T. Parsons You say that your American accent is actually one of your challenges, but you seem to carry it off flawlessly. Why is it that English actors and actresses like yourself have such an easy time playing Americans?
G. Anwar Thanks. I have to disagree with you. I hear terrible versions of American dialects when I hear my fellow British thespians attempting it I confess. But I think that a lot of the American audiences are oblivious to the sounds that are not quite right. And when you’re struggling to be like them, and most of the audience for Burn Notice are indeed American, so I feel like I have the worst critics watching and listening to my every move.
So I think I struggle with it because I like to not be thinking about what I sound like, what I look like, what I smell like for that matter. But it’s difficult to do that when you’re trying to sound like somebody other than yourself, at least it is for me. But I appreciate your vote of confidence.

T. Parsons I honestly would not have known other than just doing research on your bio and knowing you did come from England. And without hearing it in the conversations today, I wouldn’t have been able to know just by your voice.

G. Anwar Good. Maybe I can chill out about it a little.

T. Parsons The other question just as a follow-up, what is, apart from Fiona, the favorite role of yours that you’ve ever done?
G. Anwar I think I really had one of the best experiences of my life when I played in a film called Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. I just had a ball. I loved the character. I loved the script. I loved the crew, and I loved that we were shooting in the South, and I discovered the Piggly Wiggly. It was one of my first All American experiences, and I just thought, “Wow, life is extraordinarily good.”
T. Parsons We just saw that as a family recently and thought it was just a terrific film. So thanks very much. I’m glad to know that that is still one of your favorites.

G. Anwar Thanks.

Burn Notice Video # 2
Moderator Our last question comes from the line of Stevie Wilson from Gather.com. Please go ahead.
S. Wilson Hello, Gabrielle. How are you today?
G. Anwar I’m great. How are you?
S. Wilson I’m glad it’s almost Friday. Even though Fiona and you are quite different as characters, do you find that you see bits and pieces of Fiona sometimes popping up in the things that you do?
G. Anwar Unfortunately, yes. I have actually been able to get myself in quite a bit of trouble when the Fiona takes over for Gabrielle. I need to sort of remember that I can’t actually speed down PCH because I will get a speeding ticket; I’m not playing a role in an action TV show. Unfortunately, I now have a speeding ticket.
S. Wilson I understand that part. Trust me, I have the same problem. The biggest thing I would say is that because Fiona is such a strong character and she’s such a dynamic woman, you’ve got a huge fan base of woman who would like to become more like Fiona. Got a new tip?
G. Anwar Be careful. I would say that there something to be said for the empowerment of women without having to become masculine in order to accomplish that.
S. Wilson That’s true, because you are able to do it a lot of times without even pulling a weapon. You do things and get in behind people and disarm them with just your charm.
G. Anwar Women are very charming. We have a lot to offer. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of or to restrain or to sensor. I think we’ve been given some–God has given a gift, for a want of a better word, so why not use them while they’re still appealing.
S. Wilson That’s true. And for you, you mentioned that it’s the guns and the weapons and things that are harder to deal with, but are you finding it more comfortable as the season goes on?
G. Anwar Perhaps. I’m still covered in bruises from the first day of shooting to the last. I can be a little clumsy. I’m quite petite, and a lot of these weapons are designed for big burly military men. They’re actually cumbersome and rather heavy. And when you drop them on your bare toes in a pair of stiletto heals it’s no fun. I could use a pair of combat boots every now and then I think.
S. Wilson How much input do you get in terms of the costumes that you wear?
G. Anwar Rather a lot actually. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful costume designer and costume department who are very patient with me. As I mentioned, I’m quite small so I have a hard time shopping for myself so I can imagine anybody who isn’t me would too. So I tend to sort of storm the big department stores and do a big old shopping spree and sign everything up to Burn Notice Production, which is quite possibly one of the most fun things to do in the world. So yes in answer to your question, I have plenty of freedom.
S. Wilson Love it. That’s one of those things I think somebody should take a video of you going shopping. That would be hilarious.

G. Anwar Actually and foot the bill.

S. Wilson Yes that would be a good one. We send it off to Burn Notice so they can go use it. That would be good.
G. Anwar Yes.
S. Wilson Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.
G. Anwar Thank you.
. Please remember to tune into all new episodes of Burn Notice Thursdays at 10:00/9:00 central on USA Network.
Thank you to BURN NOTICE and Gabrielle Anwar for her time and the interview!
Stevie Wilson

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