Walking Through an Oscar Suite Gift Bag! Kathy Duliakas Shares the VIP Swag 411! part 2/3

The Oscar Suite that Kathy Duliakas presented was one the most amazing events because of an array of celebrities. However that’s not the only reason that made this event so special!. Duliakas featured a slew of new and established brands in the VIP gift bag. New brands are always interesting because this is one of the initial ways of getting seen in the media and getting public awareness. Established brands love it because they can show off new product launches and get more attention for their overall branding. Duliakas talked pre and post event about how she carefully curated the brands based on the type of products and their innovation. She won this round in trendspotting new brands to feature!

Revenge’s Stephanie Jacobsen, Event Producer Kathy Duliakas and Body of Proof’s Nic Bishop at Kathy Duliakas’ 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party. Photo: Jeff Carrillo

Featured partners in the event:

Maleku Jewelry

When Maleku Jewelry® received the prestigious 2010 “Beyond The Runway” award, Ileana Rojas–Bennett broke a 24-year-old record that the Fashion Industry had not recognized a jewelry designer during New York Fashion Week. Rojas-Bennett draws inspiration from her native country of Costa Rica as well as from the magnificent colors of the rain-forest which can be found in each of her pieces. Handmade with the highest quality metals: fine silver, sterling silver, gold and copper along with lavish gemstones settings, including precious pearls and exceptional and rare semiprecious stones, Maleku Jewelry® is named after the indigenous tribe of the northern part of region. Passionate about giving back to her native land, Rojas-Bennett was recently able to provide running water in one village with proceeds from her line.


For that sense of luxury, ZENSATION® skincare has you covered. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, in one of the world’s leading cosmetic laboratories, ZENSATION® combines natural plant extracts sourced from the Swiss Alps with advanced biotechnology methods. Swiss scientists conducted intensive research to formulate a luxurious range of high-quality skincare products that provide anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, acne-fighting and deep cleansing effects to effectively target different skin types and conditions. Free of harmful preservatives, all products are exclusively formulated with a perfect synergy of essential oils thus adding a natural fragrance to offer blissful “zensation.”

Oscar Suite Participants!

Aroma Sense,


Shower with a mist of aromatherapy & Vitamin C. Aroma Sense is a provider of Luxury Shower Heads with the first of its kind aroma scented Vitamin C shower head. Aroma Sense is an innovative product that emits Vitamin C & aromatherapy during your shower, promoting healthier skin and smoother hair. With premier technology which removes chlorine and other contaminants from tap water, Aroma Sense USA also reduces water consumption by about 25% while optimizing water pressure 1.5 times more than a other well branded shower heads. With natural lemon oil that produces fresh fragrances, Aroma Sense can uplift your mood, relieve temporary stress and help with relaxation.

BAM Bags®,
bam bags

Architect Beth A. Metsch brings you BAM Bags® which exemplify the perfect blend of craftsmanship and art. Made of one continuous zipper, these elegant and one-of-a-kind bags are so avant garde that they have earned two Design Patents and one Utility Patent. BAM Bags® come in a variety of styles, colors and uses, however the truly unique feature and true conversation starter is that they unzip completely which makes them versatile, machine washable and a source of entertainment. BAM Bags® are fierce, forward and as functional as they are fun. Un-Zip-Me … all the way! Check out the newest styles, and Silver Zippers – perfect for the red carpet!

Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center,
beverly hils cosmetic laser ctr

Turning back the hands of time is all in a day’s work at Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center. Trained in both General and Cosmetic Surgery, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon to the Stars, Dr. Kathy Gohar understands the needs of an aging face and body. Dr. Gohar skillfully delivers to perfection restoring youth and freshness to her clients. From botox, fillers, chemical peels and Vampire Face Lifts to all the new techniques in Plastic Surgery such as Cool Freeze (non-surgical fat removal), Slick Abdominoplasty with liposuction (featured in the Beverly Hills Times) to the most natural breast augmentations and vaginal and labial rejuvenations, all your cosmetic needs are met with professionalism at this state-of the-art facility


Introducing Circuelle’s revolutionary Breast Ritual Crème™. This patent-pending formula allows for touch enhancement* in breast self-exams while simultaneously giving attention to pampering indulgence. Circuelle’s crème enhances your awareness of changes in your breasts while infusing the skin** with its exclusive Pro-Breast Health Complex, a synthesis of revitalizing ingredients long recognized for their healing properties and rich hydration. Circuelle’s mission is to educate and bring awareness to women about breast health while empowering them to embrace innovative, yet luxurious rituals for their own well-being.
*Clinical efficacy proven
**Clinical efficacy shows immediate absorption
Circuelle™ donated one mammogram to an underprivileged woman for each celebrity who stopped by Circuelle™ at Kathy Duliakas’s 6th Annual Celebrity Pre-Oscar® Suite & Party.

The exquisite catering department at Taglyan Complex
Divine Food & Catering,
taglyan's divine food catering  jeff carrillo P

Also we would like to express appreciation for the exceptional location that Kathy Duliakas chose for this event. Taglyan Cultural Complex was flat out amazing.

Nestled elegantly in the heart of Hollywood, Taglyan Cultural Complex has gained a reputation as being one of the most
esteemed event spaces in Southern California. Taglyan boasts over 10,000 sq. ft. of event and meeting space, and is
equipped with state-of-the-art technology, custom furniture and linens, event planning services, professional staff and
delectable gourmet cuisine by Taglyan’s own Divine Food & Catering, which surpasses the expectations of the most
discerning palates.

Taglyan Ballroom is a beaux-art treasure with a 5000-square foot circular stain-glass ceiling and
seven tear-drop crystal chandeliers. An intricate lighting system provides a rainbow of colors underscoring the beauty of
the room’s fine details and modern beauty. The Grand Ballroom has been featured in several national bridal magazines.
Enjoy tranquil elegance coupled with fine dining and impeccable service. Taglyan Cultural Complex invites you to come
experience the difference. www.taglyancomplex.com



Look and feel years younger with DreamSpa™, the first in-home phototherapy system to systemically reverse the effects of aging and stress. The DreamSpa stimulates cellular and molecular repair and regeneration, promotes ATP production = energy, improves sleep, enhances mood and diminishes lines and wrinkles. DreamSpa technology is based on 30+ years of research by NASA and the NIH. Each session feels like a restorative night of sleep. Experience a profound sense of well-being.


DropShades Eyewear, LLC designs and manufactures the world’s best audio responsive LED glasses that dance to the beat of the music. Incoming sound is translated across six horizontal LED’s that cascade up and down depending on the beat. The effect is an audio responsive fashion experience that connects the audience to the show. DropShades are perfect for a variety of different environments including music festivals, concerts, raves, clubs, dances, parties, and much more. Put them on and light up the night

GOGA by Gordana Gelhlhausen ,
project runway gordana gelhlhausen

Starting from humble beginnings in former country of Yugoslavia to becoming one of Project Runway’s top designers, it’s clear that Gordana Gehlhausen was born with a gift. Gaining inspiration from her travels around the world, Gehlhausen’s GOGA by Gordana is comprised of two lines: “GOGA to Go” and “GOGA Couture”. Ranging form whimsical, romantic, edgy to ready to wear, the GOGA collection, available at her brand new Santa Monica boutique, is a play of timeless textures, fabrics and prints designed to make each woman feel like a star.

Herban Body Care®,
herban body care nicki henne

After a night out on the town, lather up with Herban® Body Care! As a premium 100% handmade, natural and vegan line, Herban® offers body-nurturing, bio-plant components that provide healing properties — from head to toe — to promote a rejuvenated feeling for all skin types. With carefully chosen safe, quality ingredients, high concentration of essential oil and botanicals, and no chemical preservatives, Herban’s products work the natural way! From moisturizing Salted Butter scrubs, Plant Bar body cleansers, facial Sugar Muds and Bath Milks, this organic and aroma-therapeutic body care line will leave your skin feeling luxuriously pampered, your mind relaxed and your spirit energized with scents like fresh Lemongrass, Grapefruit Sage and Bulgarian Lavender. Complementing the clean feel of the products with eye-catching designs and eco-friendly packaging, Herban® is not only beneficial for the mind and body but also for the well-being of our environment.

International Citizen Design House®,


Fashion with a vision, International Citizen Design House® [i.CTZN®] is dedicated to promoting the power of universal oneness and creating openness between cultures and countries through unique men’s and women’s fashion. Founders and designers Sheena Gao and Laura Krusemark’s ideas and inspiration come from many their travels together to such exotic locales as Malaysia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, France and even Shangri-La. Inspired by worldly fashion elements and vintage military design details, i.CTZN® offers distinctive style and high quality fashion products with a global concept. International Citizen® is not just another fashion label, it is a lifestyle, it is a statement, it is a movement. No Borders! Live, Love, and travel!

ISO Beauty®,


ISO Beauty believes that your hair is part of your self-expression that communicates something unique about who you are and your mood. ISO Beauty embraces change, versatility and style, by providing innovative hair styling products from the latest technology to keep hair healthy and vibrant. Their luxury ionic straightener can be used on all types of hair and can create a variety of straight, wavy and curly styles.

Kah® Tequila,
Kah® Tequila was designed to pay reverence and honor to Mexico and its people. Its bottle and spirit are reflective of Day of the Dead®, the 3,000 year-old Meso-American ritual honoring deceased loved ones. KAH’s unique packaging, in turn, is inspired by traditional Calaveras used in Dia de los Muertos rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. The word KAH translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language. Every bottle is an individual, hand-crafted work of art, no two bottles are the same. While the bottle captures that enduring spirit, so does the Tequila inside, as KAH’s distillers transform hand-selected 100% Blue agave into lively Blanco / Silver, Reposado and Añejo varieties that are both certified organic and Kosher. KAH also has a special Xtra Añejo and often releases special edition high proof numbered limited edition bottles.

Kama Sutra®,

Kama Sutra® has been Making Love Better for 45 years. Their Original Oil of Love was where they started, one product and one goal, to connect with one another through awakening the senses, and creating enriched experiences of intimacy. Today, Kama Sutra® has created over 62 luxury romance products unlike any others in their industry and continue to tease, delight and spread their mantra of love by maintaining high quality products with new flavors and sensations for lovers everywhere. From lotions and fragrant dusting powders to scented candles and luxurious oils, Kama Sutra® brings the art of amour and intimacy to your love life.

Photo Booth Pro,

Get ready for your close up! Offering exciting entertainment solutions for special events, Photo Booth Pro offers a multitude of services including elegant photo booths, amazing green screen photography, Instagram print stations, HD video booths, 3D imaging, roaming photography, and much more! With a wide variety of colorful backgrounds to choose from and a friendly staff, let Photo Booth Pro be the life of your next party.

Prêt à Porter Designs,


Born in 2012, Prêt à Porter Designs is the perfect marriage of Southern flair and LA’s fashion forward. Designer Carrie Licciardi draws inspiration from her unique hometown of New Orleans while turning to her years in LA to unite Southern style with West Coast quality fabrics and fits. This American made brand is defined by its feminine, effortless and classic looks. Translated in French as “ready to wear”, this mantra embraces the essence of the line’s designs. Each garment is a timeless piece for the everyday woman. The French influence of New Orleans is evident, but embedded in the name and design of the line is a piece of New Orleans that is not seen but heard.


shameonjane dan kennedy P.

Designer Kim Pauley created ShameOnJane®, a line of personalized jewelry, as a friendship letter to her girlfriends. Her goal was to make jewelry fun, to make her friends feel special when they wore it and to make jewelry to acknowledge different events in their lives. This young, fun company spices up traditional monograms and nameplate necklaces with modern style and trends. ShameOnJane® can turn your favorite phrase, name or even symbol into a personalized jewelry piece using anything from 14k gold with diamonds to stainless steel. It’s perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other important moments you treasure.

Sheila Bella™,

sheila ferrari associ tech christina durr nicki henne

If you want to look your best anytime, anywhere, this is for you. Sheila Bella™ Permanent Makeup specializes in the art of micropigmentation to create the most natural looking permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip color, beauty marks and lash extensions. Sheila Bella™ provides the most comfortable experience because of their top of the line numbing technique. Fact: Micro-pigmentation is vastly more natural looking than regular cakey makeup. Priding themselves on doing the most professional and natural work, Sheila Bella™ has shaped thousands of brows in Hollywood and is a celebrity staple in the industry. When it comes to your face, don’t compromise!

Single® by Galina Sobolev,


Enter the world of Single® by Galina Sobolev – where women are more daring and dynamic, they wear their fashion with excitement and have a zest for life. They command attention, shine in the spotlight and they feel great in their own skin. Known for its classic sensibilities and exuberant European fabrics, this luxury collection, was created to promote the confidence, strength, passion and individuality of style in every woman.

This is the end of the first half of the brands participating in the 6th Annual Oscar Suite presented by Kathy Duliakas!

Stay tuned for the next segment! It’s coming up fast!

Stevie Wilson,

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