1:10 Skincare, a Product Worth Waiting For ! #Review + Tips on Usage!

I get to evaluate and review a lot of different skincare lines. It’s often that I have at least 3-8 lines at a pop in queue to test drive. However when it comes to new products, it’s not often I get to work with a line that’s still in process to finalize the ingredients. It has happened a few times in the past 15 + years, but certainly not every year. I have helped launch a few lines and participated in rebranding of others. When I get a chance to learn about new lines, I am “all ears and eyes” meaning I want all the scoop! I have waited on more than one brand to go through its evolutionary process and finally get to a stable formula. It’s always interesting to see what comes out of the “production funnel”. So when I had the opportunity to test-drive 1:10 Skincare Serum labeled “Timeless Infusion” (the first product SKU from the brand), I was definitely willing to check it out. I had heard about it from friends who were on the “inside” of this product line which has launched both a regular serum and also a “Sensitive Skin” version of the serum.

Here’s the scoop on this emerging product line:


1:10 Skincare®, Inc., manufacturers of the world’s first totally organic and effective cosmeceutical, are thrilled to announce they are launching their website, www.110skin.com, in preparation for their production launch in June 2014. At that time they will introduce a brand that will change the face of the skincare market significantly and forever; because 1:10 believes you deserve safe, unprecedently effective, organic skincare.

Our focus groups have found that their skin has improved dramatically with the use of 1:10’s products. Results have included:
eradication of mild to moderate non-cystic acne overnight without scarring;
reduction of redness and sunburn within an 8 hour period;
rapid and noticeable reduction in redness from rosacea;
fading of scars and skin discoloration with daily use and without rebound darkening;
immediate firming of aging skin; and
visible reduction of fine lines when used daily.
All of these results have been accomplished while simultaneously strengthening the underlying structure of the skin, with minimal side effects commonly found in other effective ingredients.


According to Marie Papachatzis from IAmTHEMakeupJunkie this is one crazy-great product. That is the word of Marie, a licensed esthetician, who knows how things are supposed to work.

As I mentioned, their main product is Timeless Infusion. It is an organic product. Also in the product is organic meadowfoam seed oil and organic aloe vera, and they are treated with a proprietary, organic-compliant, copper-based process. The ingredients act synergistically. Meadowfoam seed oil is a great anti-oxidant and skin softening agent. It helps to moisturize the skin and prevent moisture loss. Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties. It not only heals the skin but it also hydrates the skin and is an anti-oxidant. The organic-compliant copper not only protects the botanicals, it also scavenges free radicals and helps with skin regeneration.

The infusion has been found to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, it makes the texture of the skin softer, diminishes redness, clarifies skin tone, firms skin, fades scars, and helps with scaly skin. In terms of acneic skin, it has been shown to diminish acne breakouts too. Testers have also noticed that acne has cleared up in as little as one week! What is so great is that the results are seen in as little as 3-7 days for most of these complaints. Beta testers noticed that facial redness decreased in as little as one week, some noticed fading of scars that they had for over 5 years. One of the best things about this product is that it can be used by men and women.
I have tested the Timeless Infusion a couple of times now. This product is truly unique. Apply a few drops of the serum to a cleansed face, then let absorb for a few minutes. If you use retinol products then you might have some irritation with this, some have had issues. What I really like about the serum is that it leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and quite pleasant. It doesn’t leave the skin tacky at all.

Now, I had a small red patch on my cheek that was left over from an acne cyst. I have been using the Timeless Infusion for around 5 days now and I did notice that the redness has started to dissipate already. In just a few days! Honestly I did not expect it to work that quickly. It definitely works. I am very excited at how fast this made my scar fade. And it didn’t fade just a little bit but a good amount.

See more at: http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2014/04/review-110-skincares-timeless-infusion.html#sthash.eRrmE3N8.dpuf

After I saw Marie’s post and I had talked to her about it via email and phone, I decided to speed up the review process since I was hearing about this specific product from others. I really wanted to try it. The 1:10 Skincare people I already knew and they were happy to provide me a bottle of the Sensitive Skin version and the Full-Strength version.
They were forewarned that the freebies would not affect my candid and authentic review. If I didn’t like it, I would say it didn’t. If I did like the product, I would share that.

I did inquire about ingredients since that tends to give me handle on how to approach this … particularly since this is an organic product line. The ingredients for Timeless Infusion are:
distilled water,
aloe vera,
meadowfoam seed oil,
xanthan gum,
cupric sulphate pentahydrate (copper)
white tea extract
And each ingredient is certified organic !

With this knowledge I knew better how to evaluate this product. It’s pretty stellar when everything in that bottle (– all 8 ingredients–) is certified organic.

So I got the owner of the company to break down exactly how to use it since it’s a little trickier than I thought it would be!
I started off with sensitive skin formula and my temperamental skin didn’t react and get crazy at all. I quickly shifted up to the regular full-strength version immediately. Once I got the instructions on how to use it, I was diving in head first.

Wash face and gently blot off most of the water. You don’t want water running down your face when you apply it.
Your face should be damp when you apply it for it to be absorbed quickly.

Use anywhere from 3-6 drops and apply one at a time and gently massage into skin. Each day is a bit different particularly later on in the cycle when your skin is drinking the infusion serum up fast.
Then as you put on every other drop just keep massaging it gently into the skin until it’s absorbed right down to your decolletage and up behind your ears.

Wait a few minutes to make sure it’s fully absorbed (trust me, if you apply skincare like I do, you need to wait a couple of minutes. Brush your teeth or floss while you are waiting or get a cup of coffee or tea. I am all about smart time management.)

Once your face is no longer tacky but feels soft and moist (not wet but moist like if you just put moisturizer on), then layer on moisturizer or facial oil.
If you are doing this at night, you can stop there. If you are doing this in the AM, don’t forget sunblock.
You need sunblock every day and this product will work better with sunblock. I always used it at night because I didn’t need to add in all the treatment options.
While you can mix in other treatment options, don’t use an additional retinol into this mix. It can either dry out your skin or make it a little red like it did mine. I forgot that no additional retinol was needed.
Did I mention you need to use sunblock?
During the day, I layered on the serums for the face, eyes along with moisturizers and sunblock with no problems (other than the retinol issue).


I noticed within a few days (about 6 days) that my skin was looking brighter and I didn’t look so tired.
Hmmm was my internal critic. I kept being diligent with this.
I saw the lines on my forehead fade, the ones between my brows eased a lot too.
My skin stopped breaking out and the scars started fading. (I have occasional cystic acne which in the last year has been extremely temperamental.)
The NL lines were fading quickly as did the sun damage on my cheeks (which I have despite using sunblock 16 hours a day).
I am loving Timeless Infusion. It also plays well with other things like Vitamin C serum when used at opposite ends of the day.
You do not combine a treatment with copper and Vitamin C— ever. One will negate the other.
After about a solid 5-6 weeks I was and still am very happy with how my skin looks. It’s looking more refined and fresh. The tone is good and while I won’t say I glow (*yet), my skin doesn’t look tired or dull. I don’t need to use reflecting agents or glowy creams as much.


I love this product. It’s easy to use. A little bit of the serum goes a long way, particularly if you apply it correctly to a damp face and allow it to sink into the skin before applying anything else. I like that I don’t look nearly as haggard as I did. I must say moving didn’t help since I had to pack the product up in anticipation of the move and then find the box it was packed into. (*That was a major hassle). But I wrote that off as a chanced to stop the product and then start it up again — which is how I test skincare products. I found that when I started it up again, my skin loved it and started adapting and changing faster than it did the first time. That’s how I know if a product really works. If I don’t look better the second time, it could have been a temporary fluke. Particularly when I wasn’t eating right and wasn’t sleeping well pre + post move, using it again made a huge difference in how I looked. Post-move, post-heatwave days and nights when it was triple digits during the day and mid-80’s at night, it’s hard just keeping the skin moisturized. Add in Timeless Infusion and it does many things all at once with one singular product.

I would highly recommend this product. I know that the bottle should last at least 60 days if not 90. Depends on your skin-type.
Also depends on how much abuse your skin is taking. If you are doing chemical peels or lasers, stop the product a couple of days pre-treatments and don’t use it again till your skin is almost back to normal or you are wearing makeup again.
It is great for skin with acne issues.
It is a great anti-aging product. It’s great around the eyes but not on the brow bone. I would ask the 1:10 Skincare people what you should use around your eye area. I would suggest lightly on the outside edges of the eyes, beyond the orbital bone structure closer to your temples.

Who would I recommend this product for:
Women of almost all ages, Men who will be diligent in applications.
It’s great for anyone who wants to have better looking skin; clear up acne and acne scars; ease lines and and discolorations on the skin; get rid of razor burn and breakouts from ingrown whiskers.
Actually other than teens and younger I can’t imagine who wouldn’t benefit from this. I love it.
(Now if I could just dip my body into it, I would be thrilled).

1:10 Skincare Timeless Infusion is the real deal. It does all that I said it does and then some!

john o'hurley

The 1:10 Skincare Timeless Infusion is also finding its way to celebrities. Most interesting to note is John O’Hurley (actor) is using this product and is allowing 1:10 Skincare to use his name! Others (lots of actresses and makeup artists) have this product too. They just haven’t said anything yet. I will say this, when a MAN in Hollywood says he loves a product, it’s the real deal.

Skincare is definitely a case of “your mileage may vary” based on your skin-type now versus what it was or what it will be–meaning what works today is no guarantee it will work 2 years from now. What works for your sister, best friend, boss, mom etc, might or might not work for you. The reverse is also true. While I am telling you I love this line a lot, I would suggest trying it or getting a sample if they are sampling and test it out. Skincare is always a case of YMMV.

To apply to become a beta tester for future products, please email vpw@110skin.co.
To sign up for 1:10 Skincare mailing list to receive an invitation to future pre-sales, please email
vpw@110skin.com .

Follow 1:10 Skincare HERE:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/110SkincareTM
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/110skincare

Where to buy: 1:10 Skincare.com

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