Tarot for the Week 5/29-6/4; Tarot for Day 1: Insights for the Week!

This week offers some profoundly deep shifts if you want them. What’s served up is the core of us, back to the very starting point when we were born, and a fresh start for the masculine and feminine within you. Our first role model for male and female power is in our parents or caregivers when we are helpless infants.

If your parents had a healthy relationship with their own power and each other, congratulations. You are in the minority. Most people saw people struggle under inherited role models that were not kind but very linear or structured. Very few people have a comfortable relationship to shared power between the feminine and masculine. Look around and you see it between political parties, religions, nations.

We have Eris the planet of discord front and center this week. Yet Eris’ discord is the result of the disconnected feminine showing up as outrage and disruption when the creative, receptive power is not owned or honored. It doesn’t matter whether you are man or woman, we all have our female side. Guess what, she’s not interested in being ignored this week – do so at your own risk.

The Sun mildly irritates Eris and Venus is in powerful support of it, which means you can’t think or act your way through this week in any familiar way. In fact, you probably won’t understand much of what happens these few days until you look back over your shoulder down the line a bit. How long has everything to do with where it shows up in your hands and charts. The stronger contacts are going to go much deeper into transformation. Which also brings up the seduction factor. You’ll be intrigued, curious, nervous and you’ll do it anyway.

You won’t know exactly what it is just yet. Much like a baby inside a mother’s stomach, your growth happens at an exponential rate but internally first, so it’s hard to fully measure. Your best bet is to stay present, moment by moment with your own inner mother and father. First, you give yourself attention so you know what it is your feel rather than leaping to act. Pause, check in with you and pay attention to the feelings that come up. Get to know the reactive, responsive side of you as you watch it wiggle nervously – don’t worry about fixing it. It’s not broken! It’s sharing good information for you to use going forward.

Then and only then, in each present moment, choose the right course of action for you. It’s a good week to notice how you go about ‘getting’ what you want. Do you bully, entice, nibble around the edges enlisting support or are you any closer to simply making a request. ‘This is what I feel and what I want to create’. Then see who and what shows up to bring that about.

Let go of expectations that anyone ‘owes you’ support. They are free and so are you. That’s also a big theme and an important part of what’s brewing this week. Your growth happens as you edge closer to the place where you are so solid in self care that you can risk the vulnerability to ask for what you want and need without being attached to an immediate outcome to bring down your anxiety. Not an easy shift but it’s here.

You’ll see more on that ahead. Meanwhile, here’s some help from the cards and the stars. For those who would like this report emailed to them weekly, rather than checking back to read it on my website you can get that here for less pennies a week. Wishing you so well this week as you pause, adjust and honor.

Monday is the ONLY day this week that the embed of Lisa Greenfield’s Video Forecast will be shown on this blog. You can watch/listen to it on truthinhand.com Or you can see it on youtube.com as well. Every other day of this week, you will find a link back to this LA-Story.com post on this week’s readings from Lisa Greenfield!

Lisa Greenfield on video:

Card of the Week: The Guardian!  



This card is PERFECT for the week we have in front of us with four Major Arcana cards that signal a major shift. The card combinations we have this week mark a new beginning in how the masculine and feminine relate to each other. The chemistry possible is intense and is the glue to get you to go through the profound change. So be prepared to feel a bit helpless this week with what you moves you.
Loss of control is a powerful place to learn how to navigate power. Power and control are two opposite directions. When you control you focus on or manage things, processes, people. You want to rearrange them to get the outcome you want. Power is trusting that moment by moment the way you feel and what you choose to do about it can bring that outcome forward without you having to dictate how it happens. Control drives you to apply outside pressure on circumstances to relieve inner fear, Power is your inner force added to any situation that allows others to add to the mix. You shift from the control strategy to the power strategy this week with a little help from passion, seduction, appeal. So if you feel emotionally out of control… trust it. Moment by moment, stay present to what you’re drawn to and keep your support there for you. You’re better at this than you realize and you’re ready.


Tarot for Day 1, Monday: The Wanderer 



Ah you are going to have to trust your gut my friend. Thinking won’t cut it. This is an intuitive leap and you are in uncharted territory for you with both your feelings and actions. Just breathe to help you stay in the moment. I highly recommend the Breath of Love when anxiety wants to highjack your nervous system as you head into the unfamiliar. It may look like chaos particularly as the day starts with subtle pressure to try to get yourself inline with old patterns. Notice, just notice, where your control issues come up. You have them, we all do, and you don’t have to rush to change anything or do anything. Start today just getting acquainted with yours. You’ll start to see yourself with fresh eyes and have compassion for what made those coping skills necessary. And you’ve outgrown them. So be patient, you can’t get this wrong. By evening you are in a better position to see how intriguing some of what’s going on is. Trust the chaos, it has a purpose and your soul invited it in, no matter how much your mind thinks otherwise. When you catch yourself criticizing you or another today, stop and try on the thought that it is good to know what works and doesn’t work for you. What you don’t like can give you a great deal of insight into what you actually do want. That’s a powerful place to create from rather than stuck on what doesn’t work.

Take Action:
Anytime something feels off to day, reassure yourself ‘good to know’ and let it help clarify what you really do want to create.

Good luck this week!

Lisa Greenfield

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Gratitude and appreciation for Lisa Greenfield’s contribution of great insight into the Tarot for the day and the week for this site!!
This is an amazing week. Circle back to reread the posts for this week.

Thanks for tuning into this session of Tarot for the week!

Stevie Wilson,




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