The Giant Beer Brands Vs the Small Boutiques: Who Wins in "Beer Wars"

Do you like beer?
Do you drink beer?
Do have a favorite beer?
Do you like boutique beers that have been recently all the rage and about the little small breweries ( akin to the small wineries) making a small but defineable dent in big corporate breweries and distributors?
Did you know that “corporate breweries and distributors is in all actuality almost one entire word because the big companies handle both sides of the equation?
What’s wrong with this picture here? Learn the truth about breweries and distributors here in the US by watching a documentary film that will open your eyes to the monopoly and control that the corporate America is exerting over the developement of the little guys who want to start their own businesses.
Beer Wars
Here’s what’s hot (or cool) and brewed with some serious passion by Anat Baron, independent filmmaker: Beer Wars!
What’s fascinating about this juicy 89 minute movie — and for the record I don’t drink beer– is that Baron properly couches this documentary as an expose’ of the big beer industry that the corporate giants don’t want you to know about. They make big donations to state and federal legislators (read assembly people, congressmen and senators) to keep the “quid pro quo” going so that they control both the brands and the distribution of the brands you can purchase in stores–which is where the big money is.
Beer Wars DVD — for sale HERE
This is a 75 year old monopoly in genuine violation of the anti-trust laws:The Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act all are in place to prevent this event from occurring yet NONE have taken these big corporations on. (C’mon.. if they are going after the banks, the mortgage lenders and automakers, what makes the beer industry so sacrosanct?). The point of this well-made, extremely poignant and intelligent film is that big beer breweries and distributors will go to extreme lengths to drive small competitors under by filing lawsuits and exerting such corporate muscle as to steamroll them into dust.
This story and actual David and Goliath tale is depicted through two beer entrepreneurs, Sam and Rhonda who are battling the vicious tactics of corporate America shown at its most nefarious to control the market share and not give an inch to the independent entrepreneur– which is the basis of the American dream.

Baron brings to light a three-tier system that perhaps made sense 75 + years ago but doesn’t work in today’s economy. You wouldn’t drive a 75 year old car, why would you live with a system that’s 75 years old that been perpetuated with no change in tactics except to get more vicious in its’ strikes against the little guys striving to make a dent in the marketplace.

Beer Wars Movie Trailer
Based on everything I have seen and discussed about this film, this is a REAL war. This is just as corrosive an enivronment to small businesses and entrepreneurs as has happened in banking, finance, real estate and other market segments. Big corporations who work their dirty tricks to drive the little guys under is highly reminscent of the Great Depression and agribusiness driving out the rural farmer. It’s also reminiscent of current situations with mortgages, banking, Madoff and automakers. Who and why are the corporate giants of MillerCoors and Anheuser-Bush being so well-protected and insulated by their legislative constituents?

Beer Wars Clip — This is an amazing clip because it really is a bit of a sleight of hand on the part of Coors to say they are genuine beer crafters- just like the little guys. If that were the case, then why do they try to crush the little guys and why are they so afraid of a little healthy (yet small) competition?
Write your state and national legislators — both assembly, senators and congresspeople to make YOUR voice heard. They are being controlled by the beer companies aka big business. Don’t you want a choice in what you drink? Don’t you want the ability to buy what you want to drink in stores too?
You can follow Beer Wars at the following locations:
Anat Baron on Twitter:
BeerWars the Movie on Twitter:
BUY this film directly from the filmmaker because for all the time and hours put in by Anat Baronas writer and director, Sandra Chandler, cinematographer; Douglas Blush, editor; Buddy Judge, Composer; Christopher Kirk, Motion Graphics Design and featuring 2 beermakers: Sam Calagione, founder/president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (Milton Delaware) and Rhonda Kallman, founder/CEO, new Century Brewing Co- if you don’t buy it direct, she makes no money. The other major players in the DVD distribution cycle (Amazon, warehouse stores, Netflix etc), wanted such deals that Baron would walk away without being paid– or paying anyone else. So each copy sold actually helps pay these people.
Buy them as holiday gifts! It’s perfect for every man on your list and for those budding filmmakers out there.
The point I am making is that your voice can make a difference. The chorus of voices from the internet can create awareness. It has impact. If using the internet can help elect a president, it can make a difference in how business is done. Because the way business is conducted has changed over 75 years. The beer industry should catch up to that time lag and deal with the current economic situation and not short-change the consumer or the independent entrepreneur.
Stevie Wilson

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