Celebrity Style Slam: Chloe Sevigny vs Lisa Edelstein. Who Did It Right; Who Blew It!

The return of Celebrity Style Slam comes back with a real twist to the attitude and presentation. NY-based writer Nancy Lichtenstein who covers NYFW for me joins me in evaluating the fashion content seen on the red carpet. While we talk about the fashion winners and losers, you can weigh in with comments about our perspective.
We started with the Golden Globes and will also run into the Art of Elysium Gala.
Nancy’s comments are bolded, mine are not- just so you are clear on who’s talking.
Today is day one of Golden Globes Celebrity Style Slam.
Celebrities: Chloe Sevigny vs Lisa Edelstein
Chloe Sevigny:
Lots of women at the Golden Globes went for pale tones reminiscent of second marriage bridal gowns, but this version is so dampened with grey that the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the shade is “shroud.” Nevertheless, while the color of this dress isn’t great, it’s the least of her problems.
Here’s where things start to get interesting, if you’re in the habit of using the word “interesting” as a synonym for “train wreck.” Enough fabric to fit three extra people in the dress. Gigantic ruffles applied randomly– who thought it was a good idea to throw in a big one at the back of the neck? I can’t say whether the shape suits her body type or not because you can’t even tell she has a body in this gown. In fact, my first reaction to the dress was, “This is a teenage girl caught with her boyfriend when her parents came home early who grabbed the princess comforter off of her bed and stapled it randomly in an attempt to cover her nakedness before they came upstairs.”
SW: This dress is a nightmare! The overdone ruffles overwhelm her figure. She’s petite and small boned. It’s like someone went to town on a wedding cake and overdid the frou-frou. The color truly washes her out. That greige/lavender doesn’t do anything for her–it should be called “morgue”.
This dress does not have a recognizable style. Chloe Sevigny is known for an eccentric fashion vision, but you can usually see what she was aiming for even if you don’t agree with the target. Not tonight–all the look tells me is “I am desperate for attention so I’m going to find something truly awful so everyone will photograph me.”

SW: Chloe seems to have been overwhelmed by the name “Valentino” and thinking that she could pull off anything. Not so. She has her shares of fashion faux pas and this is definitely one of them. YIKES– to be seen on national tv and tabloids wearing this organza overkill (and I have no idea if it’s organza. It’s probably not but alliteration works well here)
chloe sevigny back.jpg
The BACK of Chloe Sevigny’s dress.
Hair, Makeup, and accessories
Her hairstyle is simple and classic and whoever did it was obviously trying not to compete with the gown, which was a good instinct. I think it’s a tiny bit too severe for her features, but she could have shaved her head and no one would have noticed while she was wearing this garment.
I saw no problems with her makeup and accessories. The earrings are the only ray of hope in this look–they’re gorgeous but I so want to see them paired with a long, slim column dress in midnight blue that I’m sad for them

SW: Nancy is right on the money on the hair style. Anything more stylish or with any flourishes would have made the entire ensemble worse. However for Chloe’s pretty face and features, this is not the best look for her unless she has the right outfit– and this isn’t it. I wish she had a bracelet but then anything more added to this would have been serious overkill. I wonder what her shoes were like? I would have loved to have seen them. I bet they were more in line with “how much icing can we put on this cake?”
Chloe– a tip here. Fire the stylist that recommended that dress. If she didn’t recommend it, then you need to listen to the person who says nicely that maybe you should take a second look at it. It’s definitely different but a much taller person with significant figure assets would have done better with this dress (if that were possible)
Overall Rating
One star only because of her hair, makeup and accessories.

Lisa Edelstein
lisa edelsten.jpg
Lisa Edelstein is in another pale, not-quite-white-not-quite-grey gown, but the shine on the fabric gives the color a bit more life, and it is more flattering with her dark hair. The color looks good on her, though it’s not standing out in a sea of similar colored gowns.

SW: I wish women would take a page from Jill Kirsh’s website and really look at the colors that work for them. It would save time, effort and work when trying to put the right look together because the color would already be done and that’s a huge chunk of the battle. The fabric’s shine factor had me thinking it was silver till I gave it a closer look. Lisa is a beautifully pale and this doesn’t do her the justice she deserves. A jewel-tone would have popped her eyes and set off her great skin.


The halter collar of the gown is beautiful and shows off her shoulders and toned arms. The ruching at the waist adds interest and the slight A-line of the skirt gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. My only problem is the neckline. Two inches of skin below the bustline really isn’t necessary here and fights with the otherwise elegant feel. Raise the deep V just slightly and the dress would be perfect.

SW: The dress is nicely cut but a bit too low particularly when she’s not wearing any accessories. When you have that much physical landscape with halter or strapless gowns, accessories like necklaces make a huge impact and would have helped out nicely here. Something closer to the color of her eyes with some delicacy would have been lovely. Her figure is well-suited to this dress. It’s just marginally raises eye-brows (*and how much tape did you use to keep that in place?)
This gown has a classic 1930’s style Hollywood feel to it. It’s perfectly appropriate for the Golden Globes. Also, Ms. Edelstein has dramatic features and coloring and it’s wise to choose a simple but elegant dress as a backdrop to let her own features stand out.

SW: Totallly agree here on the style. It’s a classic glamour dress that’s a show-stopper that would have been amazing in silver or a deep jeweltone. She’s got the body and the coloring to make it work. The ruching sets off her waist, what a great figure! Why not think about this a bit more and be a bit pickier and take it to the max?
Hair, Makeup & Accessories
The hair and makeup is one area that could have been improved here. Her hair looks like a Vidal Sassoon bob that’s gone too long between hair cuts–it doesn’t have a strong shape or texture. I like the apparent shortness (can’t tell if it’s actually short or just pulled up in the back), but I think she would have looked fabulous with all out 1930’s style marcelled waves.
As for the makeup, her lips are receding with her pale skin and pale gown. I’d prefer a darker lip color to balance her dark hair and intense eyes.
The accessories are fine–I like the bracelet and I would have liked to have seen a necklace too, but probably the stylist didn’t want to compete with the flower ornament on the dress. Raising the neckline a couple of inches would help that ornament stand out more too.

SW: Let’s start with the lack of a real hairstyle. This is far too casual for this dress. Elegant Veronica Lake waves would have been amazing; a not-too-severe chignon would have been “wow”. This looks like someone got tired and didn’t bother to complete the look.
Her makeup look could have used a touch more oomph. A bit of shimmer on the eyelids for a gilded look would have helped. A bit more shimmer, shine and richer color on the lips. Perhaps a bit more “glow” on the cheeks — from a luminizer. She’s a beautiful woman and it’s apparent she can carry off a strong dress, allow the make-up to work its’ magic!
Accessories–hmmm. Love the earrings but they don’t really work with the hairstyle. It’s an after-thought or the hair is an after-thought to make the earrings stand out. Love the earrings but not sure this was the right choice. The brooch at the deep Vneck, not loving that. I really feel a necklace-even a lariat or single drop would have been setting her star style up there with serious glamour girls. The bracelet is nice but I would rather have seen a stack of mixed metal bracelets to create some contrast.
UPDATE: Lisa Edelstein wore blackened platinum earrings with blue sapphire and diamonds, platinum bracelet, flower brooch and two rings by Lorraine Schwartz. The handbag really is playing it too safe. It needs pop, color and a better shape. Underscore the drama of the dress with a really sensational clutch or minaudiere.
Overall Rating
Four stars (I subtracted half a star for the neckline and half a star for the hair and pale lips).
SW: agree with the score entirely. Lisa Edelstein did a good job. She dropped the ball in some areas but she does look a lot better than some who walked the red carpet.
Stevie Wilson, LA-Story.com

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